Party Entertainment & Activities

Brief info

At Party Monster, we strive to bring about creative and innovative ideas for each party, ensuring that not a single moment is dull. Taking a birthday party to the next level of fun is our responsibility and we go through each detail to make children’s birthday parties a rock-star event.

  • Tattoo Artist

Tattooing in birthday parties adds equal level of fun for young toddlers, teenagers and adults as well. A party gift that stays long after the celebration ends and that too of kid’s choice. Party Monster has the most creative tattoo artist who is capable of creating more than 500 tattoo designs. We use it as a channel of entertainment to make a party more jazzy and memorable. Being from a creative background, we certainly make the tattoo counter the center of attraction. 

  • Face Painting

Children love princess and superhero characters, dash of colors and have a penchant to get transformed into magical creatures. Terrifying tigers, cute and colorful butterflies, dark and scary dragons, beautiful princesses and many more, our face painting artists would create amazing designs and transform the birthday party into a stylish and fun event. Face painting is one of the exciting parts of a birthday party for kids of all ages. Keep a face painting section and it will be an instant hit among all the other domains. 

  • Magic Show

Magic Show is the most sought after event at a birthday party. So while planning your child’s birthday, don’t forget to include this special event to make the party a huge success. We arrange shows that keep children and adults engaged and amused with the fun filled performance by professional magicians. Moreover, the magician involves the kids around and add humor to make it even more lively event at birthday party.

  • Games Coordinator

To be the host in your child’s birthday party can be really tough task for many parents. We can help you hire an excellent host who can be the kids friend and make them play various games, encourage them to win. The games coordinator knows games for all age groups including adults while you remain stress free and enjoy the party. He  would do multiple tasks for you from gathering kids, burst Pinata, give away prizes etc.

  • Puppet Show

We all love puppets and a puppet show with light humor is all we need for a birthday party. A modern puppet show is usually based on animals and cartoon characters whereas Rajasthani Puppet show is a traditional show which we all have seen in our childhood. This activity is majorly for kids below 7 years however, we bet that even adults don’t move an inch while the show is ON.

  • Nail Art

The loveliest part of a birthday party is to select fun activities for the girls, one fool proof way to ensure that they have the best time is by calling in a nail artist. Party Monster can arrange a team of professional nail artists who paint the nails in the most innovative way. Young girls are attracted to jazz and glitter, nail art in a party complete their look. Not just younger ones, we have provided nail art activity along with a photo booth in Corporate companies on Women’s day to make them feel even more special.

  • Pottery Wheel

One thing that kids love the most is getting their hands dirty while creating new shapes, structures and forms. So, better include pottery in a birthday party. The latest trend in the birthday parties is including innovative yet enjoyable activities to encourage the child’s creativity. By the means of birthday parties we make sure that children get a chance to mold different shapes at the potter’s wheels and take them home as their return gift.

  • Hair Braiding or Mini Parlor

Girls of all ages love hair braiding. One of the fun activities for a girl’s birthday that would leave the guests awe-struck and give young girls with the best girly time. This special activity is done by an expert who does makeover with girls’ hair intricately braided with accessories that would remain in place for many days.