The ‘X’ Factor

Birthday planning is often associated with Party Venue, Food, Fun and Gifts for which people prefer to hire Organizers. Even after shedding load to party organizer, mothers are busy till last moment and even after the party doing stuff which is not considered important but required indeed.

With our intention to help you with anything and everything to make you feel relaxed on the day, we will do these on your behalf :

  • a)      Prepare Guest list with you
  • b)      Create Invitations and eVites
  • c)      Send eVites to all guests
  • d)      Ensure that Invitations are received
  • e)      Inform guests in case of last minute changes
  • f)       Click Pictures
  • g)      Register domain in your Child’s name
  • h)      Create webpage and upload pictures
  • i)       Return Gifts planning as per age
  • j)       Theme cake and candles
  • k)      Arrange Birthday Crown
  • l)       Masks, hooters & caps
  • m)    Thank you Notes



Moms can get so swept up in the party planning details that they forget it is supposed to be a celebration of the life of their child.  We keep in mind his or her likes and try to tailor things to make it special for birthday child.

Moms !!! pay special attention to your child on his/her special day and leave the rest to us.

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