Why choose Partymonster?

Peace of Mind

Enjoy Birthday PartyWe shall take care of your creative needs, themes and colors of your choice, activities which you wish to have and the food you would like your guest to enjoy. Also, much of what we do you will not be able to see – our contingency plans are rarely put into action, but on the rare occasion of a force majeure, we make sure the success of your party is not in jeopardy. With us overseeing all on-site preparations, being there at night, discretely behind-the-scenes, managing every aspect.

Budget Focussed

Save money on birthday partyWe work with you to understand your aspirations and desires and recommend a suitable budget that will deliver the party you want. We also offer party packages, which start at INR 5,000/- to give you a base line. No matter what size your budget is, you can expect value for money. We negotiate hard with suppliers on your behalf as we, like you, want the best party for your budget. There are no hidden extras or unwelcome surprises once you appoint us. The quote we provide is genuine and adhering to it is part of our company’s philosophy, something which ensures repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations.