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Best Party games for kids


5 Best Party Games for Kids for 8-10 years old

Pin the tail

Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic party game which is easily adapted to the party theme like Pin the Eye on Minion, Wand on the fairy, Moustache on Santa Claus etc. It is the most favorite game as per my observation and kids want to try it again and again. In this game, each child takes a turn at pinning the missing object on a picture while blind folded. The child who pins on the correct spot is the winner. There can be multiple winners of this game so do remember to arrange for few prizes or chocolates.

Pin the tail game, best party games for kids

Birthday Bingo

Ask questions about the birthday child, like his/her middle name, favorite color, favorite cartoon character etc. Whoever knows each answer yells bingo!  Let the birthday child confirm if its correct. Children above 8 years love this game and loved by Birthday child too as its all about him on the special day.

Memory Game

Put some small items on a tray, for example a comb, glue stick, pen, mobile phone etc. 10 items should be ideal. Give each child pencil and paper, Let them look at the tray for a minute, then cover it.  Children have to write down all the items, the one with most right answers is the winner.

There can be twist to the game, ask kids to observe properly, the person who shows the tray, moves out of the room. Then ask the color of shoes or hair of the person who presented the tray. You may ask this question to moms, it will be fun.

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Picture Treasure Hunt

This one is my favorite party game. Hide treasure in easy to reach, safe place and show a picture clue of where it is hidden. It can be with a person also like show picture of black suit, children will go to the person wearing black suit and ask for the treasure. Give one clue at a time and children race to find the treasure, who ever finds it keep the treasure. Here, the treasure can be puzzle games, chocolate box or a toy.

Sunshine Game

If you want children to be seated and concentrate, then this is the best fun game. Ask to show the things they have or they are wearing, whoever comes in front first and shows it, is the winner. For example, you may ask questions like who is wearing white socks? who has a blue watch? show me a coin etc. Child who has it has to come forward and show it. Trust me, this game really excites kids.

Hope you liked these games, children above 8 years would love it too and remember the party always.