House party vs Party hall

When its child’s birthday moms are concerned with a lot of things like fun activities, cleanliness, budget, seating, decoration, music  etc. It becomes a mess in their minds and end up arranging something at the last moment. Book a party hall or organize party at home… Confused !!! here are few pros n cons of both.


The biggest myth that arranging a house party will cost less than booking a party hall has always been there. If you want a party which costs less, then always opt for a party hall or a restaurant or a fast food joint. The reason is very simple that the arrangements at their place are according to attending guests whereas the complete arrangements have to be done from scratch at home. Almost everything has to be arranged like chairs and tables, buffet area, decoration, dustbins, carpets, waiters, cooks, crockery, lights, music, napkins, cleaners and a lot more…

Seating arrangement

It doesn’t matter how big or small your house is…there cannot be enough seating space for more than 20 people, it’s a house after all. So if you are planning to throw a party for 60-100 persons, additional chairs and tables with covers have to be arranged. Then comes the issue with flooring, tables which are ordered from a tent-wala are not good enough for marble or tiled floor. So, a carpet is must to avoid scratches and dents.


Home cooked snacks and food is a delight for party. You can prepare some healthy snacks for kids and their favourite food which they will surely love. If it’s a lot to cook on your own, hire a cook. But not just only cooks are required but the whole list of things from grocery store need to be purchased on your own along with veggies, milk, curd, juices, napkins, paper glasses and what not. And that’s not all…buffet table area has to be identified where guests can help themselves but ensure that the buffet area is covered from top.


Simple balloon decoration with an entrance arch is enough for a house party unless you are having and outdoor lawn décor. If you are spending a big amount on theme décor then its better to book a party hall else you are going to waste your money. Theme décor is not only about your child’s favourite character or style that you want, it has to create the ambience of the theme. It is most unlikely that the theme you choose and the curtains you have match or your sofa or the chandelier. To coverup all this to an extent is possible but then taping and nailing will damage a lot of things.

I know that the confusion is still not over but yes my personal preference is a Party hall than a House party as arranging a house party can be most tiring and cleaning it up post party can be even more frustrating.

So, its wise to book a hall and pay that extra amount to a local organizer than spending it on a house party which can give you headache.



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