Month: June 2015

Birthday Return Gifts

“Planning a rocking birthday party but unable to decide on return gifts. Every time we look for unique return gifts for kids attending the party. Apart for being unique, parents also need to consider the following :

1) Budget
2) Usefulness
3) Creative
4) Personalised

Keeping all this in mind, suggesting you few return gifts which will be remembered and used for a long period.

1) Personalised Denim Pouch –

pencil pouch

A pencil pouch is must for kids to keep their stationery or colors and we make it unique by having their name on it with their favourite cartoon character. This is something kids are surely going to use and take it to school.

2) Post Box Piggy –


An old style piggy bank in the shape of Post box with superb finish and quality. Its a dual purpose bank to save coins and photo frame which will not only make kids happy but parents also love this as it makes children learn to save money.

3) Personalized Bag –


A personalised picnic or activity bag for kids in denim or cotton with child’s name and images like car or doll. Adding name and colors to the bag will make it funky and children like to carry the bag with their own name.

4) Gifts basket –


A goodies basket which has all funky stuff in it. It will be full of creative sharpeners, erasers, pens, glasses, hairbands etc. Children cherish each n every item of this basket for its uniqueness and cute useable things.

5) Tissue holder –

A cute tissue holder to keep in the room or carry it along. It is not only very useful but also a colorful toy for kids to play. No doubt that it is going to be a unique gift which will be loved by mom n baby both.

6) 3D puzzle –

3d puzzle

A different puzzle to solve which can be converted to unique handmade art-piece by the child. It comes in various shapes and formations and once formed it will be a surprise for all.”

Hope you like the ideas. Do share with us your experience and other useful gifts according to you.