Year: 2015

How to choose first birthday theme

First birthday…the most awaited day since the day child is born, parents start thinking about his/her first birthday celebration. Parents already have a list of guests in mind whom they want to invite as its not just a birthday but also a family get-together.

Little one year old is learning to stand and talk, dances on tunes and loves party atmosphere but he/she has no favourite cartoon character. So…what to decide? parents are confused…here we go with few first birthday theme ideas other than characters which will surely help you to choose.

Color theme

For parents who do not want to choose any cartoon character can choose some unique color combination of decoration. Blue n white for boys or Pink n white for girls is too old, so select some unique favorite color to change the ambience. Guests also love to see and feel the ambience of different colors and colorful balloons without any doubt can change the complete look of the party area. Go for yellow, orange, completely white or multicolors …make it different.

Carnival theme

Carnival theme has a lot to offer and can be ideal for a first birthday because of its colors, clowns, animals, popcorns and so much more. As you enter the carnival, everything looks so exciting from entrance to food to games and the special cake table. There is a lot which can be used in this theme …. balloons, ribbons, buntings, danglers and what not. You just cannot fail to impress with clown sculptures.

Flowers and butterfly

It sounds like a girl theme and perfect for a girl’s first birthday but moms of boys love it too. So, with a twist in colors like white, blue or yellow it can be used for both the genders. Flowers in polka dots can do wonders and can change the whole scene. Be it a balloon butterfly or a cutout, it enhances and completes the flower theme.

Helium balloons

Helium balloons decoration is another good option if you don’t want to follow any character theme. Like I mentioned earlier, they can be used in many ways, like on chandeliers, arches, bouquets, centerpieces etc. Use metallic or printed balloons to make it even more special and unique. The only thing to keep in mind for helium balloons is to either choose light color or very bright. Medium shades are not suggested if only balloons are used for the decor.

Candyland theme

This one is my favorite. Kids love to be in candyland and the visual effect of lollies, candies and chocolates add a lot of joy. Candyland theme again follows no particular character but something which is liked by all age groups of kids. A special candy counter can be made for kids or a centerpiece with real candies on all tables will be a delight for them.

I will come up with more ideas to share on first birthday themes… wait a little.



House party vs Party hall

When its child’s birthday moms are concerned with a lot of things like fun activities, cleanliness, budget, seating, decoration, music  etc. It becomes a mess in their minds and end up arranging something at the last moment. Book a party hall or organize party at home… Confused !!! here are few pros n cons of both.


The biggest myth that arranging a house party will cost less than booking a party hall has always been there. If you want a party which costs less, then always opt for a party hall or a restaurant or a fast food joint. The reason is very simple that the arrangements at their place are according to attending guests whereas the complete arrangements have to be done from scratch at home. Almost everything has to be arranged like chairs and tables, buffet area, decoration, dustbins, carpets, waiters, cooks, crockery, lights, music, napkins, cleaners and a lot more…

Seating arrangement

It doesn’t matter how big or small your house is…there cannot be enough seating space for more than 20 people, it’s a house after all. So if you are planning to throw a party for 60-100 persons, additional chairs and tables with covers have to be arranged. Then comes the issue with flooring, tables which are ordered from a tent-wala are not good enough for marble or tiled floor. So, a carpet is must to avoid scratches and dents.


Home cooked snacks and food is a delight for party. You can prepare some healthy snacks for kids and their favourite food which they will surely love. If it’s a lot to cook on your own, hire a cook. But not just only cooks are required but the whole list of things from grocery store need to be purchased on your own along with veggies, milk, curd, juices, napkins, paper glasses and what not. And that’s not all…buffet table area has to be identified where guests can help themselves but ensure that the buffet area is covered from top.


Simple balloon decoration with an entrance arch is enough for a house party unless you are having and outdoor lawn décor. If you are spending a big amount on theme décor then its better to book a party hall else you are going to waste your money. Theme décor is not only about your child’s favourite character or style that you want, it has to create the ambience of the theme. It is most unlikely that the theme you choose and the curtains you have match or your sofa or the chandelier. To coverup all this to an extent is possible but then taping and nailing will damage a lot of things.

I know that the confusion is still not over but yes my personal preference is a Party hall than a House party as arranging a house party can be most tiring and cleaning it up post party can be even more frustrating.

So, its wise to book a hall and pay that extra amount to a local organizer than spending it on a house party which can give you headache.



Bumble bee theme party

A bumble bee theme is one of my favorites simply because it is the cutest theme of all and is a lot of fun organizing it. A bumble bee is perfect for a baby shower or first birthday party because a baby is as cute as a bee by the time he/she turns 1.

All guests love its uncommon color decor for the party. Yellow is the color of celebrations and festivals and when its combined with black n white, everyone adores it. Yellow and white rosettes with poms does wonders to this beautiful party theme. I prefer lanterns instead of poms in bumble bee theme as they become little beehives and stick a little bee on it. I also add rosettes and flowers to make creative table centerpieces.

Bumble bee theme is perfect for a day party or lunch and by using honey n bee elements, it becomes a Bees’ paradise. There comes the beehive pinata, bee-straw toppers, bottle covers, bee-hats and chair backs which cannot take your eyes off them. The kids love buzzing around with the bee-hats ! The bee photo booth again adds a lot to the party where not just kids but moms also love to get themselves clicked.

Keeping honey sticks to taste is another option to place at desserts station and it goes perfect with the theme. Honey is not only good in taste and for health but also a very unique thing to add to the menu.


So, if you are planning to throw a party for your cute li’l one…keep this theme in mind to make his/her special day unique, more lively and colorful with bumble bee theme party.

Feel free to contact partymonster for suggestions related to your Bee-utiful party.


3 latest styles of helium balloon decoration

Balloons, always favourite for celebrating special days like birthdays, anniversaries, carnivals or new year eve and now making their way to wedding receptions in India. When it comes to choosing a balloon decor, helium balloon decoration has always been in trend and loved by all. Here are 3 different ways in which gas balloons can be decorated and make it stand out.

  1. A Chandelier

Free floating balloons are the oldest and the best style so far to decorate with helium balloons. Since gas balloons are expensive than air balloons, a balloon chandelier is latest in trend. A balloon chandelier can be made with the colors of your choice, tied hanging ribbons with or without photographs. A photo balloon chandelier is something new and nothing can beat this romantic bedroom decor.


  1. A Bouquet

A balloon bouquet is basically a bunch of helium balloons which is a mix of plain and printed latex balloons with one or two foils balloons tied with a weight. A flower bouquet is replaced by balloon bouquet these days to congratulate your loved ones on any occasion especially to the parents of a new born. A couple of balloon bouquets look beautiful at a party center or around the cake table.


  1. Centerpiece

Create a bunch of balloons with curled ribbons and place on the round tables in contrast with the color of covers. Instead of decorating balloons all over the hall, placing a centrepiece gives an elegant party look which is simple yet attractive. A centrepiece can also be created for a theme party and can be made using a foil balloon based on the theme selected.

bunch floor

Hope, these ideas will make your party memorable and if you are in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad or Faridabad…do call us for assistance.

Birthday Return Gifts

“Planning a rocking birthday party but unable to decide on return gifts. Every time we look for unique return gifts for kids attending the party. Apart for being unique, parents also need to consider the following :

1) Budget
2) Usefulness
3) Creative
4) Personalised

Keeping all this in mind, suggesting you few return gifts which will be remembered and used for a long period.

1) Personalised Denim Pouch –

pencil pouch

A pencil pouch is must for kids to keep their stationery or colors and we make it unique by having their name on it with their favourite cartoon character. This is something kids are surely going to use and take it to school.

2) Post Box Piggy –


An old style piggy bank in the shape of Post box with superb finish and quality. Its a dual purpose bank to save coins and photo frame which will not only make kids happy but parents also love this as it makes children learn to save money.

3) Personalized Bag –


A personalised picnic or activity bag for kids in denim or cotton with child’s name and images like car or doll. Adding name and colors to the bag will make it funky and children like to carry the bag with their own name.

4) Gifts basket –


A goodies basket which has all funky stuff in it. It will be full of creative sharpeners, erasers, pens, glasses, hairbands etc. Children cherish each n every item of this basket for its uniqueness and cute useable things.

5) Tissue holder –

A cute tissue holder to keep in the room or carry it along. It is not only very useful but also a colorful toy for kids to play. No doubt that it is going to be a unique gift which will be loved by mom n baby both.

6) 3D puzzle –

3d puzzle

A different puzzle to solve which can be converted to unique handmade art-piece by the child. It comes in various shapes and formations and once formed it will be a surprise for all.”

Hope you like the ideas. Do share with us your experience and other useful gifts according to you.